Our Farms & Our people

Dion & Ali have an award winning Sheep & Beef farm business that has different farm locations from Belmont near Wellington to Dannevirke in the Tararua. Some locations are breeding farms, some finishing and others a combination of both. Most lambs are finished and dispatched from the beautiful Bideford Valley in Masterton, Wairarapa.

They're an Assure Quality acredited farm operation and strive to be leader in best practise with animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Both lamb and beef are processed off farm, MAF inspected and stamped. We have procedures in place to minimalize stress and time spent being transported.

You will taste the difference.

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The Toviewadream Farming Ltd family

Dion “the Head Honcho and Chief Lamb Grower”

Ali “the PA and goffer (no 2 days are ever the same), also All Things Sales and Marketing”

Introducing our wonderful crew – we would not be able to do what we are doing without them:

Bideford, Wairarapa

Contract Manager Richard Sandall and Wife Janelle with Shepherd Mark Cuneen

Belmont, Lower Hutt

Contract Manager Kerry Kilmister and his partner Lorena Crombie (Kerry is Dion’s older brother) and Sheppard Justin Crombie. Justin now runs Dion's old Huntaway.

Puketai, Pongaroa & Ardale, Dannevirke

Dion with the help of "Strawb" Michael Hart are running these farms at present.

Jack “the main hunt-away” – “it’s OK sir I know how to work sheep – just watch me”

Wag “the smoochiest, loudest bark hunt-away to ever exist”

Queen “the heading dog"

Millie “the Head and original Bulldog”

Shane “the Sire Bulldog”

Paris “the Jack Russell” every farm has a Jack Russell mascot – she has been here forever. Paris is 13 - Updated RIP Little Human Eyes

Panda – “the Queen of Sheep” Panda has twins each year and has done for 13 years (with the exception of one year). Every year she has a coloured ram lamb and a white ewe lamb. When visiting Panda in her paddock one must deliver her a piece of bread or a biscuit. She is also quite partial to horse feed covered in molasses - Updated RIP Beautiful Girl

Timmy “the tiny little guy calf who lost his mamma and was hand-reared, now 4 years old with HUGE magnificent horns”

5 Unnamed chickens and a rooster (these are frequently clucky chickens sitting on eggs that make more chickens)

Here PIG PIG PIG PIG PIG the present residence piglets

Also running around is a black cat that takes care of mice and all other things nice…yuk