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Homegrown Rewards

What are Homegrown Rewards:
Homegrown Rewards is our new rewards system that rewards our amazing customers for
buying our tasty lamb and beef boxes. Every dollar you spend is one Homegrown Point,
once you reach 1,000 Homegrown Points you will receive a 15% off voucher to spend on
your next purchase. That’s $45 off our bestselling whole gourmet lamb box!
How to use it:

1. Go onto the homegrown website https://www.homegrownfarmfreshmeats.co.nz/


2. Click the present icon in the bottom left hand corner



3.Either click Join Now if you haven’t brought with us before or if you have purchased
with us, you are ready to go once you sign in.


4. Once you sign in you can see your total homegrown points



5. Once you checkout your points will be added to your account. It’s as simple as that!


I’ve reached 1,000 Homegrown Points! How do I redeem?

When you reach 1,000 Homegrown Points you will receive a unique code that will give you
15% off your order. At the checkout, put your code in the Gift Card or Discount Code Section
to redeem your 15% off.



Can I get Homegrown Points any other ways?

Of Course! Another way of gaining points is by following us on Instagram, liking our page on Facebook and sharing the link to our page on Facebook, you can gain these points through the Ways to Earn section on the Homegrown Points Menu.



Another way you can get a discount is to refer your friends, if you use your personalised link provided on the Refer your friends section of the Homegrown Points Menu you can send that to your friends which gives you $15 off and your friend will automatically receive $15 when they create their account.